What’s it like to be a biker? Rake Chauhan is one of the founders of Born2Ride, a club for motorcycle enthusiasts. We caught up with him (puff, pant!) at Delhi’s Revv Cafe.

Snippets from the chat:


Adrenaline rush on a Harley?

When the speed-o-meter touches maximum: 220 kmph.

Define your Harley.

Never ending customisation. Everything can be changed on a Harley.

Leather jacket, tattoos, Death Metal, boots, Ray-Ban, rugged define a typical biker. What defines you?

A good heart is what most bikers have.

Are you a Back Door rider?

We have different rankings. Lead – lead keeps an eye out on the road like a pot hole or traffic on the opposite / wrong side / technical problems in bikes, Sweep – biker who is the last man in the group to ensure that no man is left behind and Marshall– biker between the lead and sweep and takes care of the traffic which passes through and to organize the group in single or  double lane. Me and another person are the lead.

A route you are waiting to cruise on and why?

Leh in India, Route 66 in USA and Trail of the Dragon (318 curves in 11 miles, North Carolina, US)

 Do you ride solo?

Sometimes; or when I am in a certain mood.

Sex, money, power, hunger, clothes OR fuel, CC, tyres, kick start, accelerator, roads and you?

It’s a no-contest: the second option, of course.

Rake Chauhan spoke to  Subhashish Bharuka. This article was published in Travel Secrets magazine Sept-Oct 2012.