We think Madrid deserves more attention. All around us, people are busy booking tickets for Paris, London and Rome. Yes, Spain is on their calender, but it’s Barcelona most choose. Well, we would recommend Madrid to all those who enjoy grandeur, leisure, a vibrant nightlife, high-end luxury and pulse-quickening bargains. In short, Madrid has everything, and much more.

But the question here is about food, so here are our favourite things to eat in Madrid. (Prepare to salivate!)

      Chocolate and churros at Madrid’s oldest chocolateria.


DSC_0241 Suckling pig. It’s a national delicacy. Baby pig, roasted whole.


Desserts and sweets galore–everywhere!


Exquisite tavern delicacies in the Old Quarter
c (1)DSC_0269

Superb Indian food:



Delicious fresh farmers’ market goodies, cheese and fruit


Plenty of pasta and pizza options:


Patatas Bravas: a Spain classic!


And of course, the ever-reliable McDonald’s!


Buen provecho: that’s Spanish for bon appetit! (Pix: Nitin Gopal Srivastava)