TS Intern Prerna took the question to Capt VK Madan,  Commercial Pilot and Inspector at DGCA, India.

Flying and monsoon are not the best of friends, but with evolving technology, flying has also evolved to be safe in monsoon.

Lightening  in thunderstorms can be up to a staggering 2 Lakh volts! Turbulence due to vertical winds can be up to 2000 feet per minute.  But, avionics like weather and Doppler radars, and satellite pictures give the pilot exact locations of thunder storms and turbulence which can be avoided and kept at  an arm’s distance of 10 Km or more.

Passengers may experience some minor turbulence but that does not endanger the safety of the aircraft. Moreover, other avionics like ILS (Instrument Landing System)  can land an aircraft in almost zero visibility in the pouring rain.

So relax and don’t let monsoon upset your plans and commitments. You’re in safe hands. Happy Landings!Image