It’s almost peak winter in the world’s most exciting city right now. While the mercury plummets, send your spirits soaring with our snug-as-a-bug-in-a-rug ideas on how to get the best of London.

COSY UP IN A COTTAGE: If you’re looking for affordable homestays in central London, check out We stayed in two of these homes, and the experience gave us the chance to
meet some interesting London locals.


GET INSIDE A CASINO: The lights are dim but your chill-hit spirits are sure to brighten up, what with the alluring machines, seductive table games, and the heat of emotions triggered by all those wins and


EXPLORE AN OPEN COVERED MARKET: Covent Garden is among the best in the world. Very charming, with tonnes of interesting stuff to keep you occupied for hours. Bargain for all you’re worth, do. And it’s all covered, so you’re shielded from the elements while you shop, without the deja vu feel of being in run of- the-mill Mall!


CATCH A THEATRE PERFORMANCE: If not here, then where, no? London is one city where you’ll always have ample opportunity to escape the biting cold with a heartwarming theatre show. We watched–and would highly recommend–The 39 Steps.


RELAX INSIDE A SPA: In the heart of London, very close to Covent Garden, there’s actually a spa called RELAX, and it offers you a buffet of healing, rejuvenating massages that will make you forget the cruel winter outside…


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