pillow menu

So, you are back from a long day of ‘tourist duties’ and all you want to do is head to your hotel room and drop down dead as soon as you see the bed? Not so fast – Spend some time on the ‘Pillow menu’!  You are about to snuggle up with this fluffy piece of comfort for the next 5-6 hours and it’d better be just what you wanted!

Magnetic therapy pillow – Reduces swelling and discomfort, relieves insomnia and fatigue, soothes tense muscles and aching joints and improves skin tone by stimulating circulation.

Recommended for: Those who sleep on their back. Not for expectant mothers or those with a heart condition.

Swedish memory – Heat sensitive foam responds to temperature and keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter. Self-molding provides great neck support.

Recommended for: Those who sleep on their back or side.

Snore-No-More – Elevates the chin from the chest to keeping the airway open and thus reduces snoring for a deeper restful sleep.

Recommended for: Those who sleep on their back and snore!

candy pillowCandy cane shaped pillow: Supports head and upper back.

Recommended for: Those who sleep on their side.

Water-Filled: Vinyl cushion filled with warm or cold water. Instant relief from headaches and neck pain. Firmness and support can be adjusted.

Recommended for: Customized sleeping experience – on the back, side or stomach.

5-Foot Body Cushion: Supports the spine for better sleeping posture while reducing neck, back and joint pain.

Recommended for: Pregnancy or recovering from surgery.


‘Sleep experiences’ on offer from hotels around the world

The Benjamin – New York

Heard of a ‘Sleep Guarantee’? Well, the Benjamin is offering one.

A good night’s slumber is high on the priority list of guest experiences at this hotel. Their Sleep Concierge asses your sleep habits and recommends the perfect pillow from the 12-choice Pillow Menu. A bedtime snack or a sleep-inducing massage can also be arranged. They guarantee that you will sleep just as well at the Benjamin as you do at home or you get a free night’s stay! Sound’s good!

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Conrad Hotels & Resorts

This luxury chain of hotels and resorts managed by the Hilton has an extensive ‘Pillow Menu’ that boasts of 75 varieties to snuggle up with! Destination or mood themed pillows are high on demand. From anti-snore to cold relief and from total relaxation to romance – with each pillow offering unique properties, the list could go on and on.

Here are a few Conard favourites:

Organic Buckwheat Pillow: Green guests at the Conrad Brussels can opt for an eco-friendly bedtime experience that has been used throughout Europe for centuries. The pillow mould to the head’s shape and allows natural air circulation. Helps to relieve migraines, tension and muscle spasms.

Porcelain Pillow: Available at the Conrad Centennial Singapore, these were the most widely used pillow in ancient China when pillows were also made of natural stone, wood, jade, and bronze. They were created to support the neck and protect hairstyles from being crushed.

Cold and Flu Pillow: The Conrad Chicago recommends this from their selection to battle the winter woes. Paying homage to the city’s notoriously cold winters it is infused with four essential oils – Eucalyptus, tea tree, Bergamot and sandalwood.

Romance Pillow: Fragranced with earthy Vetivert oil, Patchouli, Ylang ylang and sandalwoodsome of the world’s best aphrodisiac oils.

Shogun Pillow:  Conrad Bangkok offers this traditional Asian Tatami pillow to its sleepy and sluggish guests. The many small breathing holes in the Tatami mesh  moderates the  temperature, absorb humidity and heat and keep the air fresh, while the aroma stimulates blood circulation. Take a walk on it! The fibre-filling massages the feet and relives you of pains and aches – the perfect antidote to a long-haul flight!

So what would you like to order off the Pillow Menu?