Try the Al Safir Hotel, located in Juffair, about 10 minutes from the Bahrain International Airport. Team TS had to make an overnight stopover in Bahrain not long ago, and Gulf Air put us up at this well-appointed hotel.

Upon arrival, which happened to be at lunch time, we were quickly directed toward the generous buffet, and had some wonderful Middle Eastern food including hummus, salads, breads, and curries.


The rooms at Al Safir are spacious and comfortable. The washrooms are sparkling clean. Not much to see around in the evening, but we did the brave thing and got into a local bus that took us to Manama Souk, some 20 minutes away.


It was a bit like walking into Delhi’s Karol Bagh Market, if you ask us! We even spotted this guy selling ‘Karak Tea’, which means ‘strong tea.’


Back in the hotel, we had a delicious dinner and a great breakfast spread the next morning. Dot on time, the Gulf Air bus arrived to pick us up for the onward flight to Cyprus.

So yes, Al Safir totally gets our vote!