In India, we love gifts – receiving them, mostly! From sweets and dry fruits to Rajasthani dolls and show-pieces, there is quite a variety to choose from. But let’s go find something uniquely Indian for your hosts abroad.

Mittal Teas

Tea is one such treasure. It defines our country, and we are one of its best producers. To know more about how to use tea as a gift, we took a sip out of Mr. Mittal’s tea pot. On entering Mittal Tea Store, the mixed aroma of different teas enchants your senses. Our expert talks all about teas and their potential as presents- but not before making each customer have a taste of it! When travelling abroad, the ideal gift choice would be Darjeeling and Assam tea- these are of superlative quality and the purest varieties available. While the former has a mellow but strong taste, the latter is more robust.


Although ‘First Flush’ Darjeeling is as good as it gets in teas, the most popular choice to take overseas is the tantalising Earl Grey. Two main categories of teas are- With Added Flavour and Without Added Flavour; it is suggested to bear the unflavoured teas as gifts, as they are more appealing and exotic to those residing outside India. All three teas mentioned above fall under this category. If you wish to gift flavoured teas, then the best options would be- Masala tea, Cardamom tea or Mango tea– as these are indigenous flavours, rarely found elsewhere; unlike chocolate tea or mint tea, which can be found almost everywhere.


Another reason why the unflavoured teas are sought after is that they are a locally produced here and thus offer great value for money — for both foreigners and Indians purchasing and carrying teas abroad.

This advice is affirmed when the foreigners come in and they all wish to purchase Darjeeling tea, Assam tea or other ‘typical Indian’ teas.

Thus, simplicity is the way to go, keep it pure (tea) and keep your friends & family abroad happy!


You can look at over hundred varieties of teas and spices at Mittal Teas Store in Sundernagar Market. Starting from small packets worth Rs.50, the range goes up to Rs.2000 per box, which are ornately hand-crafted and suited to your travelling requirements – in paper mache, wooden boxes, fabric packing, etc.

So what’s your flavour going to be?

– Megha Uppal

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