We can recommend three with confidence, since we ate there quite recently.


Erohia Lounge Bar & Buffet Restaurant, opposite Hilton Hotel: We arrived at around noon from Bahrain, hungry as horses. It took about an hour to reach the hotel, and soon after checking in, we walked down to the restaurant. The buffet was a wake-up call to the eyes and the taste buds. The salad greens and reds and yellows sang with freshness and colour. The corn was juicy, the lettuce crunchy, and the extra virgin olive oil, well, virginal in its purity. Being vegetarian, I was a bit unsure of finding enough options, but I need not have worried; there was plenty to choose from. Paired with delicious local wine, the meal was perfect. Do eat at Erohia if you’re in Nicosia.


Flocafe: Located in the city’s hippest and blingiest quarter–Ledra Street. Walking around here is sure to make you ravenous, and Flo Cafe is a great place to enjoy hot pizza with beer. Thanks to the Mediterranean climate of Cyprus, the weather is almost always perfect for sitting outside.

Ikea cafe

Ikea Cafe inside the Ikea Mall:  it’s quick, cheap and tasty fare; very welcome after you’ve burned up your energy and money roaming through the vast swathes of space inside Ikea. The brightly coloured eatery offers interestingly laid out spread, which you keep picking off the counter and onto your trolley until you reach the pay counter. We loved their potato and broccoli cutlet–a simple and good-looking snack that tasted great. And don’t miss the fantastically fresh orange juice: you’re in Cyprus, after all!