That Edinburgh is one of the world’s most elegant and beautiful cities is no secret.  That it has enough museums and castles to tick off your list is also common knowledge.

What a lot of tourists tend to miss is this: feel-good country-style shopping in the city! And that’s where we come in.

Stockbridge. Call it a street or a self-contained little village inside Edinburgh, this is a secret you need to discover, shopping or not.

After you are done with your morning coffee and scones, head for Stockbridge, a vibrant street with lots of pubs, cafes and yes, shops!

Everyone will point you toward Edinburgh’s ‘Royal Mile,’ which of course is lovely and lively. But if you’re looking for little treasures for your window-sill or your bookshelf, you need to go to Stockbridge.

A string of stores with vintage and charity goods to pick from.Beautifully packaged Scottish soaps and creams, cute curios, rare books—you never know what you might find, for just a few euros!

Set aside a whole morning for browsing Stockbridge. Read more here.