You may want to be a little careful on your next visit to a restaurant. Here are a few secrets spilled by veteran waiters to Readers Digest magazine, USA.

Soup of the Day

Waiters secrets, soup of the day

The ‘restaurant special’ or ‘soup of the day’ is often special only because they are trying to finish it off before it goes bad.


Lemon Slices

lemon slice, waiters secretThat slice of lemon in your drink—looks lovely, but isn’t clean. Everybody touches it, and nobody washes it. Cheers!


Same Stock

waiters secrets, vegetable stockIf you ask ‘Is this dish made from vegetable stock?,” many waiters will say ‘Yes,’ which is a lie. The truth is, you cannot tell the difference, so they don’t bother clarifying.


Waiter’s Choice

Waiter's secrets, favourite dishIf you ask your waiter ‘how’s this dish,’ and she says, ‘It’s one of our most popular,’ chances are she hates it, but isn’t supposed to tell you that. Ask her to recommend a good dish instead.


Kitchen = Loo

Waiter's Secrets, LooIf you’re worried about how clean the kitchen is, visit the restaurant’s loo. If that is dirty, you can be sure the kitchen is much worse.


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