At your service! Here’s how to dish up Panna Cotta with Wild Berry Compote.

No of portions: 4


For Panna Cotta

300 ml Whipping cream

40 gr Sugar

1/3 no Vanilla pod

2 sheets Gelatin leaves

For wild berry compote

40 gr Frozen strawberries

40 gr Frozen blueberries

40 gr Frozen blackberries

50 gr Sugar

Hyatt Panna Cotta recipe

Method for preparation

Soak gelatin leaves in cold water.

Heat up cream gently, add sugar and vanilla.

Bring to a boil and take it off heat.

Add bloomed gelatin after removing excess water.

Allow the mixture to cool while mixing continuously.

Pour into individual portion glasses; let it set in the refrigerator.

Cook the berries with sugar to prepare thick compote.

Once Panna Cotta is set, pour some compote on top and garnish as desired.


Recipe courtesy: Executive Chef Adam Szczechura of the Kitchen District, Hyatt Regency, Gurgaon.

The Kitchen District, a multi cuisine restaurant  at Hyatt Regency Gurgaon serves a wide array of appetizing desserts.