L 51 to 54, 2nd Floor, Outer Circle, Connaught Place, New Delhi

Reviewed by Ashwin Anand

Cuisine: World cuisine

On the Menu: Twist of Bliss, Khao Suey soup, Mushroom galouti with kesari puff, Tandoori Chicken Roulade, Chicken meat ball in piri piri, Nalli da Korma, Dal Makhani

Ambrosia Bliss - Dining Area (2)

The Experience: Look, I don’t know how to describe this place. Is it a fine-dining restaurant, is it a lounge, is it a bar? Reading this, you would be forgiven for being confused and possibly discouraged. But to be perfectly frank, herein lies the charm of Ambrosia Bliss. The flamboyant fine-dining area, the humbly lit lounge, the laid-back outdoors, the private booths – there is something to fit every mood and it works well.

The first thing that strikes you as you enter the restaurant is the space. Living in Delhi, you are not used to hearing the word “spacious” in Connaught Place. But that’s exactly what you get here. The next thing to hit you in the décor which is dominated by black, white and gold. And there’s a lot of gold! But perhaps surprisingly, it doesn’t seem gaudy. It looks good and suits the place.

Ambrosia Bliss - Dining Area (1)

We happened to eat there on a dry day, and began with their signature mocktail, Twist of Bliss. A mixture of cranberry juice and passion fruit soda, the drink failed to excite. I’m not a big fan of canned juice and that’s what it tasted like. The Mushroom Galouti with Kesari Puff lived up to its meaning—it melted in the mouth and was delicious, though the kesari puffs they were served on were a little tough. The Tandoori Chicken Roulade, a modified version of the popular malai tikka, starred juicy, tender chicken—one of the highlights of the evening. The Khao Suey, a personal favourite, was everything a good Khao Suey should be. Chicken Meat Balls in Piri-Piri featured meat balls and potato wedges slathered in delicious piri-piri sauce—best suited for an evening with friends, over beer. Simple, delicious, comfort food.

"Khow suey" by Tizbad2k
“Khow suey” by Tizbad2k

The main course was Dal Makhani and Nalli da Korma with garlic butter naans. Thankfully, Ambrosia Bliss joins a handful of restaurants in Delhi to deliver a delicious dal. It is just what you expect – rich, delectable and sinful! Staying true to the traditional flavours, the saffron-infused nalli da korma delivers with a bang. The gravy is rich and the meat falls off the bone. A highly recommended dish at Ambrosia Bliss. We rounded off the meal with Molten Lava Cake with Vanilla ice-cream. While the dessert wasn’t the best I’ve eaten, you can’t go wrong with oozing chocolate!

The Verdict: The food lives up to the restaurant’s name—ambrosial and blissful. The service is good, but the waiters could be trained better in understanding the food they serve. There is a large variety of starters, but the main course is limited and predominantly Indian. Presentation and finish need some working on.

Meal for two: Rs. 2,000 with Alcohol

3 Point Impression: Spacious. Comfortable. Delicious.

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