Boban Paul did. And discovered untouched Jhadol.

Udaipur: the ‘City of Lakes’. Apt label. But then, a label has its limitations. Tourists in Udaipur city get limited to the banks of the beautiful lakes and the large corridors of the lake palaces. Very few loosen the reins of the Adventure Horse, venturing into territories beyond the city. On a recent trip, my work took me to a block called Jhadol, about 1.5 hours from Udaipur city by car. udaipur Green shrubs, palm trees and flat open fields stretched for miles. Jet-black strips of tarred road alternated with potholed dusty brown patches. Then we began our ascent up a winding tarred path, and gaped at what we saw in front of us. There were multiple ranges of green mountains, standing naked to the open black and blue sky. They were arranged one behind the other and it seemed as though in front of us was a sea of green, with waves building up one behind the other. As we drove further up, a meandering stream of water ran by our side, playing hide and seek through the trees on the roadside. The sound of the water rumbling over pebbles was clear and beautiful. The fusion of the cool air around the stream and the precipitation from trees on the roadside cooled the air to the point of making it chilly, especially in the shade of the trees. The rain was like icing on cake – it cleared out the dusty haze. This short ride was like a massage for my senses – my body was lightened by the cool, feather touch of the air and my soul was soaked in the mesmerising sights and sounds.