Imagine breathing in the wonders of pristine nature as your train winds its way through a vibrant landscape. From the Atlantic to the Pacific and the barren North to the bustling metropolitan hubs of the South — Canada remains unique at every turn.  Rail makes it possible to explore remote regions that today remain difficult to reach by other modes of travel.  img_2142Oh yes! Team TS travelled VIA Rail Canada–the national rail passenger service from Prince Rupert Island to Jasper, and it was a terrific experience all the way through.

Sit back and relax as the friendly crew abroad the VIA Rail network work hard to ensure a safe, comfortable and satisfying journey. VIA Rail operates almost 500 trains weekly across 12,500 kms, connecting 450 communities across Canada. The fleet includes 396 passenger cars and 78 active locomotives that serve 159 railway stations. 3386_photo_high_res_jpg On board, there’s a variety of factors that guarantee a memorable journey. For example, sumptuous food. Relish the best of Canadian delicacies prepared by renowned chefs. Take your pick from nourishing and delectable meals, such as gourmet cuisine made with rare ingredients served along with Canada’s finest wines. On the menu you will find, summer fresh hummus and crackers, fresh veggies and coriander wrap with sesame mayonnaise or the yummy Fourmi bionique gourmet mix. Sip on a glass of Diamond Estate Canadian red wine, as you enjoy the view rushing by the window. VIA Rail Canada   _sht7717 Remember to bring along your favourite old-time games – give the smartphones a rest. The skyline cars have tables and long bench seating perfect for card and board games. Also pack some music or a book, a camera for the spectacular views, comfortable footwear and sunglasses. _sht1968-lower-berth-night-time-1 _sht8927 VIA Rail is the best way to explore Canada’s diverse natural wonders, cultural attractions and proud history. If you are travelling with family, it couldn’t get better than this. For more about VIA Rail; Check out their Evolution blog. VIA Rail on Facebook and Twitter. Images: