This is the Baid family, who is giving us some serious travel goals. Anand and Punita, and their children Yash and Driti, just completed the most wonderful road trip imaginable. This family drove – yes, DROVE – from India to France in 111 days and visited 11 countries on the way!


India > Nepal > China > Kyrgyzstan > Uzbekistan > Turkmenistan >
Iran > Turkey > Greece > Italy > Switzerland (Alps) > Spain > France


Their journey kick-started from Bengaluru (India) and ended in Paris (France). En route, they made 10 pit stops at Nepal, China, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Iran, Turkey, Greece, Italy, and Spain in their Fiat Linea.

Anand had quit his job and Punita had taken a two-month sabbatical from work. Both also approached their kids’ school, Deens Academy to request for an extended vacation for Yash and Driti. The school principal was more than happy to allow the kids to go on an adventure that would expose them to the best of the world. After seven months of planning, 2,500 email exchanges with 12 different embassies for visas, they finally embarked on their cross-continent drive on 8th of April, 2015.

In 111 days, the family drove past the Himalayas, climbed sand dunes in western China, swam in the Caspian Sea, walked through the Acropolis of Athens, and visited the Palace of Versailles, the Eiffel Tower, and lots more.

The Baid family flew back to India from Paris, but not to worry, their trusted car – the “fifth member” of their family – was shipped back safe and sound.

The family said that another trip might be on the cards very soon. “We covered west for now and we are starting to look east. Who knows!”