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Have you put Norwich on your wishlist yet?

Asks Preeti Shenoy, one of India’s best-selling authors; and then tells you why you should:

If you’re going to London this year, here’s a thrilling secret. Take a bus to Norwich, and go experience the Norfolk broads. “Miles and miles of gentle waterways glistening in the sunlight with peaceful Norfolk countryside as far as the eye can see,” is how the locals would describe it. What they do not tell you, is how truly uplifting for the soul it is.

Norwich Quay Side Image:
Norwich Quay Side Image:

The Norfolk Broads are UK’s largest nationally protected wetland. They are 125 miles of gentle, navigable and picturesque waterways with plenty of place to moor, jump off the boat and explore charming little villages or market towns or just while away an afternoon at a pub, with a bottle of wine some soulful music and good company.

You can either take a group tour or hire your own boat. Better still, book a Picnic Boat that comes equipped with a toilet and a stove where you can make coffee, tea or anything hot.

Boats for Hire Image:
Boats for Hire Image:

Love it enough to linger? Take an excursion boat with bedrooms, and go off for 3-4 days. We hired a picnic boat, which put us in total charge. We took turns driving it. It was truly a marvellous experience to “park” the boat and explore the land and then come back and sail away.

Tip: it is best to let the fittest members in your group to moor the boat.

Put the Norfolk broads trip on your  “List of places to visit before I die.” You are sure to cherish it.

Read more about Norfolk:

Preethi ShenoyPreeti Shenoy

How can I avoid seasickness without any medication?

Travelling by ship can be tiresome. But getting sea-sick is worse. TS writer Aarohi Roy suggests some easy, medicine-free ways to avoid seasickness.


Where to book your cabin?

  • In the middle of the ship. The middle rocks the least and is the safest place to be  during storms too.
  • Try booking a cabin with a window so there is some sea movement in your room. The more your eyes grow familiar with the static-ness, the more chances of you getting sick.
  • If possible, a door overlooking the sea is not a bad option either. Leave it open for fresh air to keep your balance right.

Once you have booked your cabin, know that you should not spend most of your time inside. It leads to a dis-balance between your eyesight and your body movements. Stay on the deck as much as possible.

What to do all day?

  • When looking overboard, it helps to stare at the front rather than the sides. Look towards the horizon and keep moving your eyes. Don’t focus at one point whether bare-eyed or with binoculars.
  • Avoid everything which will need you to concentrate. Like reading, knitting, or even looking at a compass for a long time.
  • Play mind games and chit chat. It helps you take focus off your sickness and doesn’t require any eye-focus either.
  • Doze off on the deck.

What to eat? What not to eat?

  • It is advised to eat healthy. Follow the routine of the workers on the deck as they are accustomed to travelling through jet-lags.
  • Eat in good quantities. This will help you sleep through vigorous movements.
  • If feeling unwell, ginger and lemon helps. Take them with your tea, your cold-drink, or suck on ginger candies and you will feel better.
  • Sailors advise to eat green apples. Well, if it helps them, it might help us too!
  • Follow the BRAT meal—banana, rice, apple sauce and bread.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol. It makes you nauseous.

Other tips

  • Modern ships and vessels use stabilizers to ensure a smooth trip.


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For information about medicines to prevent seasickness:

Care for a crazy cruise?

This world is full of crazy people. People who leave their cushy jobs to become mountaineers. People who invent special scissors to cut pizza. People who understand that ‘crazy’ is a way of life. 

Whoever came up with the idea of a cruise must have been a little mad. The concept of a miniature pseudo town floating from place to place is anyway fantastical, but some crazy people go overboard with ideas! . TS Intern Avyashree Singh tips you off on five theme-based crazy-cruises that’ll set your mind adrift:

Gladiators Cruise


Step into the real life version of Ridley Scott’s blockbuster, Gladiator. Crystal Cruises has introduced an Experiences of Discovery theme cruise program and one of them is called Gladiators & Empires. Scheduled to set sail May 18, 2014, the cruise will travel from Venice to Barcelona. Gladiator buffs, you can learn about the Roman Empire and its influences on art, religion, law, war, social structure, science, and architecture. So pack your chain mail shirts and your plume helmets, now!–4310

Elvis Cruise


9-day better-than-Graceland cruise from New Orleans to Memphis features live performances by popular Elvis tribute Bill Cherry, fan-favourite Terry Mike Jeffrey, along with Elvis’s former gospel back-up singers. Enjoy lip smacking Southern cuisine and splendid décor, in the company of fellow Elvis devotees. So fellas, the journey begins November 29th, 2013!

Penguin Lover’s Cruise


Takes you to  the end of the World, literally. Take a trip through Antarctica and watch the penguins waddle and preen in their natural habitat. Or, just sit back and observe the ginormous glaciers. Feel the exhilaration of experiencing nature in its harsh, raw form.

Hogs on High Seas Cruise


High Seas Rally presents Hogs on High Cruise for bikers. Their motto is “cause ther’s a little pirate in every biker”. Ever since it began in 2000, this cruise rally has been on the wish list of every leather clad biker. Put on your aviators and amp up the speedometer boys, this ain’t an easy ride.

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