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I’ve seen most of the touristy Switzerland. Somewhere fresh this summer?

You can always come to us for just the right advice! Travel Secrets Editor Shubhra Krishan discovered a stunning Swiss gem on her recent trip. It’s the Klosters region, quiet, lovely and relatively tourist-free, unless you count Prince Charles, who is a regular guest!

Why Klosters

If you are taking a holiday in Switzerland, you probably have greenery and serenity in mind. Klosters ticks those boxes in bold! And if it is adventure you seek, there’s plenty of that to be had here, too.

Nestling in what has remained the rural part of the Prättigau (Graubünden), Klosters, with its romantic village-like atmosphere, stands in stark contrast to the nearby Alpine metropolis of Davos. It’s a tiny town dotted with shops selling outdoorsy sportsgear, and cosy restaurants. A silvery river streaks across the town, and big mountains gaze indulgently down upon the town.


Hotels and homes all over Klosters are laden with flowers. The combination of wood, greenery and brilliant blossoms is heady and irresistible!


The photo above shows Hotel Alpina: we stayed here and totally loved it. Not only is it beautiful, but located right across the small railway station. The cable car up to a gorgeous mountain is also across the road. The rooms have a homely touch, breakfast is delicious, and the staff warm and welcoming. This hotel is proof that you don’t need to be a five-star to be a five star experience!


See? This is a house in Klosters…one among dozens we gaped at! So much beauty, sprinkled all over, just like that!

Lazy, sunlit lunches in Klosters are a food lover’s dream come true. Our dream came true at this one:


Every delicious dish here reflects the freshness and beauty of the region.


And how can you ever leave without indulging in Switzerland’s best-loved comfort food, starring potatoes: yes, we’re talking about Rosti!


Paired with local wine and sunshine, all this good food is the perfect recipe for an afternoon snooze. We took our cue from this bovine beauty and treated ourselves to a nap, too!


The valleys of Klosters will take your breath away. It is easy to lose track of time gazing in the distance and feeling your soul heal. Far in the distance, on gleaming tracks, the bright red streak of a train passing by, is stunning against the green backdrop: quintessential Switzerland!


A whole mountain of adventure awaits to be explored: your kids are going to be floored!


To hear more of our adventures in Klosters, grab a copy of Travel Secrets magazine’s May-June 2015 issue.

What are the upcoming events at Davos Klosters, Switzerland?

Dreaming of snow in this sweltering heat? Head for the mountains! Discover Davos Klosters in the Swiss Alps and enjoy their year-round events and activities. Here’s what you can look forward to  in the coming months.


At Davos in Switzerland, a sports eldorado, health resort, business city, and cultural metropolis merge together to transform Europe’s highest-altitude Alpine town into a destination of a thousand possibilities. Located on the  Landwasser River, in the Swiss Alps, between the Plessur and Albula Range, Davos could be your ideal summer getaway. It is also home to one of  Switzerland’s biggest ski resorts and hosts the annual Spengler Cup ice hockey tournament. The high valley town also offers 97 kilometers of pistes for cross country skiing and the largest natural ice skating field in Europe. Summer transport in the six main ski areas to the peaks are available  from mid May until end of October. 

Events and activities in Davos Klosters


June 2014

GWunderwald Heidboden Davos: Explore Davos through its vibrant flora, fauna, forestry, hunting and landscapes. The natural adventure trail has 30 different stations along the route and is equally interesting for both the young and the young-at-heart.

For more info, visit:


June – October 2014

Biking in Davos Klosters: Explore Davos on two-wheels with Hotel Grischa’s guided bike tours. Trained mountain bike guides are available for groups of four to eight. Get to know Davos Klosters as a biking destinations and learn a few handy tips to stay safe on two-wheels.

For more info, visit:


21 – 28 June, 2014

AlpenFieber Davos: Open air concerts and hiking around town – AlpenFiber is all about experiencing Davos culture. Tune into some folk music during the day at special locations like Sertig, the Schatzalp, Lake Schwarzsee and the Seehofseeli. Get cozy within the walls of your hotel for the evening concerts, after a long day of walking around the Davos countryside. 

For more info, visit:


21 June – 21 September, 2014

10 Years of Sculpture Symposium: A massive exhibition to celebrate the anniversary will feature about 100 sculptures, guided tours on the arts on the Stafelalp, moonlit walks and artists‘ workshops at the resort. Discover the local art and crafts.

For more info, visit:

Ever been to Liechtenstein?

Image Sandwiched between Switzerland and Austria, Liechtenstein is one of the world’s top 5 micro-nations.  At just 160 sq km, this tiny nation is only 1/57th the size of Yellow Stone National Park in the US.

Liechtenstein  has just 35,000 people, no airport and no military.  So why would you want to go there? Because it has the magnificent snow capped Alps, ski-fields across the lovely Upper Rhine valley, flower laden biking trails, and fine wine cellars.

It’s easy to reach- only a one hour drive or train ride from Zurich.

TS recommends the exquisite and affordable Hotel Meierhof.

Charmed by Liechtenstein? Explore more here:

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