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Ever explored every inch of a country in just two days?

Impossible! – You said? Not when we are talking about Leichtenstein. In this tiny nation, you can become a local expert over the space of just two leisurely days.


At just 160 sq km, the lovely Liechtenstein lies between Switzerland and Austria; an easy one-hour drive or train ride from Zurich. Its population is a little over 35,000. The nation has no airport. It maintains no military.

But why would you want to go to so small a place at all?

Precisely because it is among the world’s top 5 micronations, with some of the highest living standards and the most magnificent scenery (two-thirds of the land is covered by snow-capped Alps.)

Despite its small size, Leichtenstein offers some staggering pleasures – skiing across the lovely Upper Rhine valley, cycling down a flower-laden trail, plunging into a cold-water lake, tasting the finest wine from the royal cellar. Or be, just be.


We checked for accommodation options, and were delighted to find Hotel Meierhof, a four-star property with fabulous views for a peak-season tariff of just about Rs. 10,000 a night. We spotted some homey Bed-and-Breakfasts and Mountain Huts, enchanting and affordable.

Oh, and they even have a prince who lives in a 700-year-old castle atop a rock.

We’re already in love with this fairy tale land: aren’t you?

Ever been to Liechtenstein?

Image Sandwiched between Switzerland and Austria, Liechtenstein is one of the world’s top 5 micro-nations.  At just 160 sq km, this tiny nation is only 1/57th the size of Yellow Stone National Park in the US.

Liechtenstein  has just 35,000 people, no airport and no military.  So why would you want to go there? Because it has the magnificent snow capped Alps, ski-fields across the lovely Upper Rhine valley, flower laden biking trails, and fine wine cellars.

It’s easy to reach- only a one hour drive or train ride from Zurich.

TS recommends the exquisite and affordable Hotel Meierhof.

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