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Q: I have finally decided to take my first Bungee jump. What should I know before I go?

bungee jumping

We asked Jupiter Huidrom, who took the plunge not-so-long back and here’s his advice for first time jumpers.

  • It is important to sign up with a reputable bungee jumping company. Choose a company that has been in business for awhile and check on their safety record.
  • Before you decide to sign up for a jump, read up about the sport or talk to someone who has bungee experience.
  • Always wear comfortable shoes when you jump. Avoid flip-flops or slippers.
  • Avoid the bungee if you have a heart condition or high BP.
  • Do not try to maneuver the bungee cord during the jump. This could result in the cord getting strapped around your body or neck.
  • Put your arms out as you free-fall and cross your arms over the shoulders when you recoil. This way you can ensure that there is no obstruction to the recoiling cord.
  • It is okay to back-out at the last moment!  – Most important, says Jupiter!

You can read about Jupiter’s experience here: What Does Bungee Jumping feel like?

I want to bungee jump. Some heart-in-the-mouth ideas, please?

Extreme Bungee jumps

Pleased to oblige. Try these out – they’re guaranteed to leave you dizzy and screaming out for dear life!

Volcano Bungee – Chile


Jumping off a skyscraper is going to sound like cakewalk after you hear about the Volcano bungee. It is exactly what the name says it is! You fly over the beautiful country of Chile, perched on a helicopter’s skid and just as you see molten lava – you jump in! No kidding – this is the real deal! And we are not done here yet – once you are safely dangling by your ankles, 700 ft above a red hot pool of liquid earth, the helicopter will whisk you away at around 130 km/hr while you stay suspended at 350 plus feet below its skids!

Don’t believe us? Check it out for yourself at

The Last resort – Nepal


Ah! The Himalayas – those majestic mountains that never cease to render us awestruck! Don’t start thinking that this is about jumping off a mountain – c’mon, that is impossible! But imagine this – the picturesque Bhoti Kosi gorge 160 meters below you and you are on a bridge right above one of Nepal’s wildest rivers. Now jump! If the raging rapids are bringing on an involuntary scream feast from within you, try looking sideways instead – the untouched Himalayan jungle could calm down your nerves.

Find out more about this highly respected jump at

Victoria Falls bridge – Zambia/Zimbabwe


Hey, wanna click a pic with a waterfall backdrop? How about posing upside down, free falling from a bridge 111m above the raging Zambezi River? The giddy adrenaline rush from plummeting at a heart stopping speed is toned down with some help from the spraying falls. If you have already had a fair share of head-first freefalls and want to take it up a notch – talk to the jumpmaster and do a back-flip or whatever you fancy.

Read about the rates and more adventure at the Victoria Falls at


Verzasca Dam Bungee – Switzerland


If 007 did it, you can do it too – minus the background music and tux though! If you sat there wide-eyed, watching Mr. Bond set a bungee record in the opening sequence of Goldeneye, you might want to know where exactly he did that. Well, it’s Switzerland and instead of the usual backdrop of the Alps, we have a massive dam in Ticino. 220 m is how high you need to be to make this jump and if you manage to convince your jump master, you could give some competition to cinema’s legendary spy with some flips and twists spicing up the jump.

Ready? Find out how you can get started from

A J Hackett Bungee – New Zealand


If you are a bungee junkie, A J Hackett should be your god and New Zealand your Mecca. Queenstown is the bungee capital of the world and jumping from anywhere around here is going to earn you instant respect. Kawarau Bridge and the Ledge are just two of Hackett’s pets. The opportunities here are ultimate thrillers – start with a run and fashion a flip or two before you soar down to the city lights below or get drenched as you head straight into ‘hard’ water!

Find out about all the other options at

Read about avid traveler Jupiter Huidrom’s first time bungee adventure at

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