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Is the BMW Welt in Munich worth a visit?

If you love cars, yes. If not, then yes again! Munich is home to the only BMW Welt in the world that offers you front row seats to witness the iconic brands production process.  Also feast your eyes on vintage as well as future trends at the BMW Museum.

Inputs from TS intern Arushi Rajput.


Tour along the BMW Plant, get right up so close to the Press Shop, Paint Shop, Engine Shop or the Assembly. Watch in awe as heavy steel rolls turn into automobile parts and come out as shiny new BMWs. There are experts guiding you at every step – time to ask all those questions you had about your dream ride.

If you like stories, explore the history, background and visions of BMW, as you stroll across the corridors of the BMW Museum. Gaze at about 125 of the brand’s most valuable and attractive automobiles, motorcycles and engines displayed across a 5000 Sq. m area.


Can’t get enough of the special treatment? Hop into a convertible, a luxury sedan or a motorcycle and enjoy a unique photo op.

For more, check out the BMW website.

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The DUBLIN PARK(ING) DAY sounds like a cool green idea. Tell me more!

Once a year in the month of September, Dublin’s car parking spaces turn into public parks, games or art installations. Park(ing) Day is “intended to promote creativity, civic engagement, critical thinking, unscripted social interactions, generosity and play.”

Team TS happened to be there last September, and we couldn’t stop marvelling at some of the creative ideas on show at the parking lots.



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Get all the details on this fun concept here.

What’s the best way to explore Northern Ireland: train, bus or car?

B (10)

Rent a car! Northern Ireland is a nature lover’s fondest dream come true. You don’t want to be restricted by train timings and connections. Or look longingly out of your bus window,  wishing you could stop and take photos, or just linger. Renting a car is easy and will allow you to enjoy this slice of paradise in the fullest way. For more information and inspiration, check out this article.

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