things to do vacation

A: With pleasure! We think it’s a great idea to make your vacation time even more entertaining and productive.  You get to experience the location in a wholly new way, make new friends and return with a new skill that might even flesh out into a business venture.
Here is a list of things we sure want to learn:

    1. Spa and Massages- From beauty massages to aromatherapy and naturopathy, take your pick and learn in just a matter of hours.  London.
    2. Art –  Like to doodle and daddle? One day landscape painting workshops in Paris, on Sundays. France. www.atelieralupi.comlandscape painting workshop
    3. Photography- For those who are enthusiastic with the lens. Jim Atwood’s photography courses all round the year. Pre booking mandatory. Tokyo.

photography workshop

  1. Shoe-making- Learn how to fashion sandals, ballerinas or pumps and design them as per you will. Bookings on your convenience. London. shoe making workshop
  2. Acting- Want to feel like a Broadway star? One and two days masterclasses with professionals. New York City.
  3. Dance- Shake a leg in a foreign land. Learn salsa, jive, tango and other dance forms in intensive one day workshops. London.
  4. Cooking, Winery and Baking- London has a host of bread baking workshops, happening almost every day. Take a chocolate making workshop, and who knows, you might start your own chocolate business!
    One day workshops for gourmet Spanish cooking, and for learning about wines and olive oils are also a worthy option. USA and Europe.

cooking workshop