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Where can I enjoy the world’s best Ice Wine?

Pressed from frozen grapes, ice wine is luscious and intense. It is sweet enough to be enjoyed as dessert, and perfect for rounding up a meal, preferably starring foie gras and blue cheese. Accented with lychee, papaya and pineapple, it gets a whole new dimension. And added to sparkling wine or cocktails, it is a seductress.

Canadian ice wines

Canada (Icewine) and Germany (Eisewine) are the world’s largest producers of Ice wines. About 75 percent of the Icewine in Canada
is grown in Ontario. Canadian law requires that the grapes must hang on their vines well into early winter – until they are frozen to -80 C and reach a minimum of 350 brix (amount of sugar). The fruit must be picked by hand, in the cold. It takes at least six hours to harvest and press the grapes – usually during the night. The labour and complex fermentation process makes it expensive, but a chilled bottle of Icewine is totally worth it.

Niagara Ontario Canada boasts 25 beautiful vineyards just 15 to 20 minutes outside Niagara Falls, Canada in quiet and charming Niagara-on-the-Lake. The entire Niagara wine region along the shores of Lake Ontario-is home to over 50 wineries. Discover the best of the region’s vineyards by following the Wine Route of Ontario through the countryside by car, bike or guided tour.

Team TS toured the Inniskillin winery on a crisp winter morning. The full, grape-scented vineyards were soaked in gentle sunlight. Then we tasted the first sip of ice wine, and it was love at first sip. If Canada is on your plans this year, do tour the Niagara wine belt. You’ll thank us for the idea!

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Q: I am going to Niagara Falls. What else should I see and do there?

ImageA: TS Editor Shubhra Krishan has 10 great ideas for you!

Catch the night lights: During day, the Falls are bathed in sunlit rainbows. At night, they change into an opera of light and grandeur. Take up a room that gives you the view; it’s every bit worth the extra you pay. If you’re lucky and a local festival is on, you’ll be treated to some magnificent fireworks, too!


Stroll up Clifton Hill: this steep street snakes its way seductively up Niagara town. It’s filled with fun, and dotted with cool, kitschy attractions: souvenir shops, open-air eateries, ice-cream parlours and museums with names like Nightmares Fear Factory and the Fun House. Perfect for both adults and kids.



Try your luck at the Casinos: The town of Niagara has two towering casinos, equipped with state-of-the-art slot machines and dozens of table games. After you have viewed the Falls at night, get inside one of them and try your luck.  Who needs Vegas?

casino niagra falls



Get a view from above:  The 12-minute Niagara Helicopter ride is totally worth the splurge.  Let the snug headphones hug your ears, and lift off to enjoy some of the world’s most spectacular aerial views. This short trip is composed of two things every traveller craves:  jaw-dropping moments and fantastic photo opportunities.

Drive down to the Floral Clock: Located at the foot of Niagara town, this 40-foot wide timepiece is decorated with—hold your breath—nearly 20,000 carpet bedding plants. It has been keeping time with flowers and sunshine since 1950. Stand, stare, and of course, adjust your watch.

floral clock

Take a walk in the Park: The Niagara Parks Botanical Garden is a floral wonderland with 40 hectares of plants and flowers, including a rose garden that boasts more than 2400 roses. Winding footpaths lead past the Butterfly Conservatory, ponds and arboretum. The best part: admission is free!

botanical garden niagra

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